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    How to write a Cover Letter ?

    You need to stand out from the crowd. This is the reason why your Cover Letter needs to be specific to the job opening, it needs to demonstrate that you researched about the company, job requirement. Be as clear and specific as possible about your knowledge, experience and skills to demonstrate that you a the perfect candidate for the job. Having said this, is very clear now that you should NEVER use the same cover letter for all your job applications.
    Here are some tips on how to write your perfect Cover Letter.

    March 16
  • Why do You want This Job?

    Is obvious right? I am looking for a new job, you have a job opening so… BANG! This is why … Duh… As simple as that, Right?
    Well … Not really.
    “Why do you want this job” question is actually trying to figure out “Why do you want to work the company” and “Why are you interested for the job”.

    March 14
  • what are your weaknesses?

    What are Your Weaknesses?

    Greatest weakness? Uhm… That’s a ‘great’ question!

    What does self-improvement mean? Is it about correcting deficiencies? But in the end… who decides what skills should an adult have? Listening my inner voice, I feel is about getting better at things I do best. Because I am already doing them well, it means I am passionate about it. Improving your strengths could only explode your capabilities as the upper limits are ‘sky high.

    February 24
  • Reasons for Leaving Job

    10 Good Reasons for Leaving Job

    Good reasons for leaving a job. Here is how you could answer to the interview questions: “Why did you leave your last job?” | “Why do you want to change jobs?”.

    February 24
  • What Do You Want to Do?

    This question is a tricky one and pay attention who is asking the question. If this question is coming…

    February 23
  • How to Decline a Job Offer

    About accepting and rejecting the job: In each case, either you are happy with the offer or the opposite,…

    February 22
  • what are your salary expectations

    What are your salary expectations?

    If you are embarrassed to talk about the salary, don’t worry. Most of the people feel the same. Just keep in mind that you are going to commit into a business relationship and salary is a main aspect. No employer expects you to work for free and there is no reason to act like you don’t care about it.

    February 22