Negotiate Job Offer

Negotiate a job offer when the amount is about what you expected

February 22

Here is how to negociate a job offer when the range is about what you expected

In this situation, you can usually gain a slightly higher salary but be careful on your reaction:

1: Stay cool – don’t act to act too excited.
2: Mention that you had a similar but slightly higher range in mind by setting the minimum at the maximum of the offer range.

Negotiator: “ Our budget for this position is between $50,000 to $55,000,”
You: “That seems about what I had in mind; I am looking for $55.000 to $60.000 hoping for the high end of that range”.

3:  Negotiate in a professional manner until you agree on a number. If you convinced the interviewer about your skills, most probably you will receive an offer between $53.000-$58.000.

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