Negotiate Job Offer

Preparation steps for starting negotiating on job offer

February 22

Step 1: Do a research and discover the salary ranges for the job position you are applying. For example if you discover that similar jobs are being paid in a  $50.000- $65.000  range a year then most probably you will not be paid with $85.000 per year.

Step 2: Follow the golden rule: Never undersell yourself! If you’re expecting $70.000 a year, don’t tell the negotiator that you are looking around $60.000 hoping that the person will see how valuable you are and that you worth more. This will not happen unless that specific position has a higher budget allocated. It triggers anyway the question if you are indeed the right candidate for that position.

Step 3: Analyse carefully the total compensation package: vacation, travel costs, learning opportunities, stock options, bonuses, benefits, salary. If you freshly graduate the college you might need some help with the costs of finding an apartment, moving , accommodation until you find a place and so on. Big companies often have this included in their package. It is important to understand WHY you want this job, what would make you happy. In the end, you will be spending there most of your time…  and should worth it.

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