what are your weaknesses?
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What are Your Weaknesses?

February 24

What is your greatest weakness? Uhm… That’s a ‘great’ question!

This is by far one of the most arrogant question that an interviewer could ask. Be aware that this is one of the most frequent asked questions as well.

But hey, you shouldn’t take it personally and get pissed-off. Reflect a bit on your own response by reading the next thoughts on this topic. By articulating a humble response, your judgment can actually influence the attitude of an arrogant interviewer. And by humble I don’t mean adopting a defensive behaviour by reciting again your Resume… No, No, No! Humble in terms that you really know who you are, what’s best for you and that you are the only one who is fully in charge of achieving (or not) personal and professional long term goals.

Let’s dig a bit further on the great question about: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

What does self-improvement mean? Is it about correcting deficiencies? But in the end… who decides what skills should an adult have? Listening my inner voice, I feel is about getting better at things I do best. Because I am already doing them well, it means I am passionate about it. Improving your strengths could only explode your capabilities as the upper limits are sky high. And it goes both ways: when you’re passionate about something, you will find time, energy and methods to learn and automatically improve on it.

On the other hand, about things I am not good at. I felt a kind of frustration about not being able to obtain the same results as others do. But if I could choose, I would be gladly living without doing it. I actually don’t care about it and if possible, I would always postpone, avoid or skip things I am not passionate about.

As I grew up and ‘got older’, I started to think differently about weaknesses. I just realised that there are no such things as deficiencies or areas where I am not good enough and I need to improve on. It is just the opposite. Focus should stay on what I am good at, discover things that I love doing and resonates with my long term goals, keep doing these and continue to improve on.
I should be doing product and program management, I am a motivator and I have have technical background. I am good in visualising the big picture as well as in understanding the technical aspects. I love playing back and forth and adapting my style to both business and technology. I am good in defining meaningful projects. motivate and get people onboard. I simply love it and I am continuously researching and learning about leadership.

I’ve learned that I don’t have an eye for details, actually I am pretty awful at it. Even more, I can actually feel a sort of ‘pain’ whenever I find myself in this kind of situations. I definitely don’t like it so I steer clear of it.

In time, I’ve also learned that there are persons passionate about things I don’t find so interesting and the other way around. I learned to respect the differences and to appreciate other’s strengths. These days, I don’t think in terms of weaknesses that need correcting. I ask myself instead, what am I good at and how can I share with the others my strengths. I think everyone has strengths.

And to go back to the initial question: “What is your weakness?”: Don’t waste time getting better at things you’ll never be good and more important, have no desire to do. You figure out what your are good at.


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