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Why do You want This Job?

March 14

Why do I want This job or .. Why do I want to work there…

Is obvious right? I am looking for a new job, you have a job opening so… BANG! This is why … Duh… As simple as that, Right?

Well … Not really.

This is again, one of the most common interview question. And… this is a little trickier that it seems.
Why do you want to work here?” is intended to understand two other complex questions:

  1. Why do you want to work for this company ?” and
  2. Why are you interested in this job ?”

What is the hiring manager of human resources representative looking for?

  • Understand your professional goals and how this position fits in.  If you will enjoy working in the company.
  • Understand how motivated you are to perform if hired
  • Understand how much you have researched about the company, industry, job role.
  • Understand which aspects of the company attracted you and why

Be aware of the Most Common Mistakes:

  1. A too-general answer like “It’s a good company and I would love to work there” that could apply to any company
  2. A too-honest answer like “I am unemployed for the moment and I am desperate to find a new job” which could be interpreted like:  “I am so desperate that my standards for what I’ll do are pretty low, including working for you”
  3. An uninformed answer that indicates that you didn’t research about the company at all.
  4. An unenthusiastic answer. 
  5. Being inappropriate funny: like “You guys need me, I’m the best of the best so… here I am”

Lets go deeper into each question and start with the first one: “What do you like about this company?”

The answer demonstrates the knowledge you have about the company and industry. To have a good answer, you need to do your homework by reading about the company, the industry it operates, its employees, its products, its initiatives, company awards, company values and its position in the market.

The reason “Office location” will NEVER be good reason. The same like “I heard there were some job openings, so I applied for it”.

To answer this question you need to do few steps back, do your homework and research about the company and be honest with you on the answers. Analyse what else is the company offering? Is just the pay-check?

Yes, money is a great incentive but it shouldn’t be the only one. 

Why do I want to work here? What is it about the company that attracts you? What aspects appeal to you?

  • Is the company representing your own value?
  • Would you be proud to put it in your CV and discuss about it with your friends ?
  • Is it the job, position itself, Is the company name? Is the Customer Support? Is the

Big SECRET revealed:  ALL hiring managers prefers people who are motivated and want to work with them! This is the reason why, an answer might be seemed as good when you mention about company programs, employee awards, management philosophy.

In the answer you need to clearly articulate that you are perfect fit for THIS JOB and THIS COMPANY by answering another questions like “What is appealing about this job? Why did it draw your attention?”. You’re enthusiasm will be a criteria after which the hiring manager will take the decision. You can also sneak information about how good you are at the work required.

Examples of answering the question: “What do you like about this company and Why?”

  1. ” ‘Think Lean, Agile, Smart Teams’ drew my attention. I am passionate about Lean & Agile and interested to work in an environment where this duo is applied. I am experiencing in my current work the benefits of creating solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. During the Lean Startup Machine event, I put in practice and understood the power of the Pivot. With more than five years’ experience in Agile Project and Product Management, I possess a blend of business and technical savvy, big picture overview and can direct team members towards turning vision into reality. I believe that I will be a good fit for this role.”

  2. “I read about an article few months ago about the outreach your company does. Thinking of this, i realised that this is a big part of my personal philosophy and I was very enthusiastic to find out that there was a job opening in my skill set. I would really hope to be able to come to work every day to a place where I know that not only my technical skills are valuable but my personal philosophies as well “

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